Copen Grand is the first executive condominium development within The Township The Forest Tengah Garden District. The development is situated in The Garden Walk Tengah in District 24. The triangular-shaped parcel land is 22.020 square meters. Its floor space is 61.659 square metres. The site which Copen Grand EC sits was highly contested when the tender was scheduled close at the end of the month of May in 2021. The bidder who offered the highest cost is Taurus Properties (SG) Pte. Ltd. as part of partnership with CDL MCL and CDL, MCL was awarded the contract for $400.32 Million.

Copen Grand EC is scheduled to be completed by the anticipated TOP cost of $1,190 to $1.250 per square foot , due to the fact due to its close location the Jurong Innovation District Jurong Innovation District as well as the brand new MRT stations located in the vicinity. Copen Grand EC was developed by collaborating developers CDL and MCL and MCL. It will developer approximately 600 houses.

Copen Grand district is expected to consist of 12 towers that encompass 14 levels. The towers will have at least three to five bedrooms, which will be able to accommodate the majority of families’ requirements. There’s a wide range of amenities in the area that can be accessed through Copen Grand EC within the next few years. Residents will be able to access Polyclinic buses and polyclinic in addition to the local center, as well as athletic facilities, as well as other. The new area is situated just 2 kilometers far of Shuqun Primary School which is the sole school in the area along with Princess Elizabeth Elementary School. 12 acres are dedicated to education and support for people living in the region.

Copen to the Great the Great EC. The township’s upcoming development will have a range of green elements, such as condominiums that are low-rise and well-thought out. Design and construction that’s environmentally sustainable, as well as technologically advanced are key to the development. The development will aid in the reduction of pollution from the air as well as the lack of open and green spaces accessible in Singapore. In addition, the expansion of the zone will provide residents with ease of access to CBD and other areas.

With the growing population of residents who reside within Singapore, Copen Grand EC is situated near the major sports and medical center. Due to its position in the MRT station of Tengah and its scheduled to begin operating within the next couple of weeks.. The brand-new construction is only 5 minutes away from the. MRT station. It’s connected to whole city by public transport well as other modern conveniences. If you’re thinking about purchasing a home in Singapore, Copen Grand EC is the ideal choice. This EC is spacious as well equipped. It also features facilities such as a small concert hall, a Chinese English Language Institute, as well as other services.

The masterplan for the town will be constructed near to Copen Grand EC could include large facilities and communities at risk. The town’s central zone will be linked with three MRT stations that will be part of the Jurong Region Line as well as providing a variety of options for eating out and shopping.

The development site encompasses a land space of 22,020 square meters as well as the floor area is 61,659 square metres. It is an EC project consists of the construction of 620 units located across 12 blocks. The structure is able to be raised up to fourteen levels. It is located on the Tengah Estate. District in Tengah. Garden District of Tengah One of the five districts that were created within the Tengah Estate. Tengah Estate. Tengah Estate. Tengah Estate. It’s the home of three MRT stations that are open to all of the area. This estate offers the option of building an entire town-centre which is automobile-free.

The hotel is located near several expressways. Some are part of those of the Pan Island Expressway, Bukit Timah Expressway Bukit Timah Expressway and Kranji. Kranji, Copen Grand EC is perfect for those looking to move quickly. It helps reduce the amount of traffic congestions and provides the ability to connect continuously. The hotel’s site is located within multiple centres. The mall is named West Gate Mall. West Gate mall is thought to have 400 stores. In it there are numerous options for retail and food.

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